Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

Thank you so much everyone that has been hitting this blog! I am in shock! I never thought that anyone would look except for family, so this is beyond my wildest expectations! I am so glad though. My hubby and I have had a good laugh that the most popular "craft" I have ever done was cutting shapes and taping them to the fridge. Too funny!
I made a discovery the other day... I found an Idaho Youth Ranch outlet store. I had to go to Boise for a dr appt with my daughter and my hubby had told me to check out the Youth Ranch (he knows that I love me some thrift stores). I got there right before they opened and there was a huge line. It looked like Black Friday! I asked some guy what the deal was and he said it was this way every day.
Once they let us in I had to shop fast because my daughter and I felt like we were going to get lice just being in the building :). It was bad! We didn't touch anything, just peered in the boxes unless I saw something promising.
This place charges by the pound. Have you ever heard of that? I ended up getting this hideous, wicker tree (more on that in a sec), an embroidery hoop and a large mirror that I plan to paint purple for my daughters room. I got it all for $2.63. Talk about a bargain! I know I could've gotten more, but I will have to go back without kids.

So on to the tree. Here it is in all its hideousness I told you it was bad!  I wanted to do something with it, just wasn't sure what would work with all the holes throughout.  So I took jute (actually I think it was hemp) and hot glued it to death all the way around.  It took FOR.EV.ER!  After I got it done it was still lacking a lot.  My kids thought it was a hat.  So while at walmart today I found some plain red buttons.  I hot glued them around, but I am still not sure.  Any suggestions?  I guess if I have to toss it Im not out a whole lot, right?


ladyhawthorne said...

How about a star on top? Maybe a barbed wire star to go with the rustic country look? Cute Idea.

tami said...

I was thinking that too, I just need to find something. Thanks for the idea!

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