Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My latest and greatest!

Ok, maybe not, but I love this art!  I was lucky enough to win this vinyl kit from here (head over, she has an Etsy shop and is sooo talented!) a couple of months ago and finally found a cupboard door at the Restore that I liked.  It killed me to paint it, it was such a pretty wood color and had black antiqued trim.  I would love to have these all over my kitchen instead of the generic boring blonde wood ones I have now! 
Anyway, I painted it black, then white, sanded the edges, and added a coat of walnut stain and wiped it off right away.  Just enough to age it a little.  I had a hard time getting the vinyl off and did it a little different then Lil Luna did hers just to make it a little more unique.  It wasn't a major difference, and you can't really tell, but I just moved the last 2 letters I think. 
For the tiles that spell out "Forever"  I found this pretty cream and silver damask tissue paper at the Hallmark store.  I had a free coupon, so it worked out perfect!  I love it!  Don't look too close or you will see that some of my vinyl is crooked, I couldn't get it to stick the way I wanted for the life of me!  Crazy that it was even more time consuming then painting, but so worth it!  Now if I could just get my wall painted behind it that would be even better!  Cant quite convince the hubs that it is a priority right now.  He hates painting!

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Lil' Luna said...

Looove it! Looks great!! I love how you distressed the board. Good job. :)

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