Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My version of the book page wreath

I had a vision in my head of how I wanted this little beauty to turn out, and I think I got it pretty close!  We have all seen the book page wreath, they are everywhere, but they all seem to be pretty much the same.  I wanted mine to be different.  So I made it that way. 
You will need:  A book you dont mind tearing apart (rip the cover off and then tear each page out)
                        Hot glue, and gun
                       A wreath form, all I had on hand was a wicker one, but I think a foam one would've been

I started out by wrinkling up the pages of my book.  Just have at it! I then sort of wrinkled it into a fan shape and twisted the bottom together.  Maybe this is a "duh" for you, but I did find that if I glued the layers of paper together as I fanned it, they stayed really well.  If I didn't not so much.  I then glued them around the outer edge of my wreath.  Then flip over.  If it doesn't set flat lay something heavy on it for a while.
Then I just did the same step on the front going around the wreath starting on the outside and working my way in.  The ends where you have it glued to the wreath don't have to be super pretty, until your final layer they won't even show.  You also don't have to glue them super close together,  it fills up rather nicely and quickly. 
If you are using a wicker wreath, you will need patience because you have to hold each piece of paper on to make sure it holds well. 
For some reason my close up shot isn't coming in.  Sorry.  This is as good as I can get of a close up of how it looked.  I tried hanging it with a ribbon, but it just didn't look right.  To get it hanging in the spot I intended it, I just took a piece of fishing line and tied it.  Easy peasy!  So, what do you think?  I really like it. 
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gift exchange gift

I am sure many of you have heard of Craftaholics Anonymous right?  Linda hosts a handmade gift exchange twice a year.  I participated in the Christmas one last year, so I was uber excited about this one too!  I had a great partner named Jen who has a blog called cook sew love and is so talented!  I was running a little late so I am just now getting my pics up because I didn't want to ruin the surprise if she happened to take a peak at my blog.  Oops.  If you haven't done this gift exchange before, you really should.  It is a blast!  The next one will be sometime around Christmas.  So first I will show you the super cute box I got from Jen.  It is adorable.
The flowers are so cute and made of fabric, which is hard to tell.  The stems are ribbon and they have little buttons in the middle.  Thanks again Jen!

I made her a cross stitch that admittedly, I had already started just never got done.  I love the saying on it and thought she might too.
I had it folded and was going to frame it for her, but everyone has their own taste and so I left it so she could put it in a frame she liked.  I really enjoy cross stitching and had forgotten how much!  Thanks Jen, for helping me remember!