Friday, September 23, 2011

No more looking for a towel!

I get so tired of never being able to find a towel! Anyone with me on this one? I hang them on my oven door, and find them on the floor (which sicks me out bad) or else my neverending source of energy -otherwise known as a 3 year old- walks off with them. It never fails! I wanted to make some towels like the old crocheted ones my mom used to have that just buttoned right on. Well, I wanted them, but I can't crochet and they are a little outdated for my taste. You will never guess where I found an idea... oh, were you going to say Pinterest? Ok, maybe you will guess! ;)

So simple, yet so smart! I copied her pattern, and created my own towels. I changed a few things, I didn't put anything in between my layers of fabric, I was lazy in a hurry and thought I would give this a go first. Also, I have never sewn button holes before. I am sure they are super simple, but since I have three kiddos, I thought I had a better chance of getting the towels reattached if they were as easy as possible. I used velcro. I have the hardest time sewing straight lines! So don't look too closely, but they are done, functional and pretty cute so the uneven lines really don't bother me too much!
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby Gift

I don't know what it is, but I have the hardest time picking baby gifts!  Is it just me?  Well, my cute, little, sister in law just had a baby, and I was so excited!  I knew I wouldn't have a whole lot of time (the nine months I had to prepare wasn't sufficent apparently) to get something really great done because I was also trying to get ready for surgery. (I had my thyroid removed, but good news, it wasn't cancer!) and besides that, this girl is perfect.  She can make anything, do anything, so I really didn't want to make something that she would laugh at   not like.  Thank goodness for Pinterest!  I mentioned before my obsession with that site, and it did not disappoint!  I found this little lovely.  I can't get it to show the picture, so here is the link Love sweet love.  Sorry, I am new to this! I also have seen these travel wipe cases everywhere, honestly I don't even know where to link it because I have seen so many. 

 Anyway, I am addicted to pink and black, and thought that my sil would like something a little more edgy, a little less baby.  So I went to Joann's got some fabric, came home and whipped these babies up in an afternoon. The green wipe case was mine, I was mailing just the band without the wipes (she is a couponer and I am sure she had plenty) so I just wanted to show what it was for. So easy, and so cute! She told me she hadn't seen the wipe band before so it was def a gift that she didn't get from anyone else, and that I like.  
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