Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Homemade Gift Exchange gifts

I love the gift exchange over at Craftaholics Anonymous that Linda does twice a year.  I have participated three times now, and love making something for someone that I don't know.  It makes you try a little harder to do your best I think.  This year my partner's name was Kelly.  I couldn't decide what to make her and finally decided to try making an ornament.  Her favorite color is purple and she loves to crochet.  Now, I know knitting and crocheting are different, but I had no idea how to make a crochet hook. 
What do you think?  I personally think it is adorable.  I took a plain ornament.  I had some that were not glass that I used since I was shipping it.
I then got my trusty glue gun and began to wind some purple yarn until all the red was covered.  I did leave the gold piece uncovered so that it would hang, kind of a no brainer, but you don't want to accidentally forget to do it!
I tried a few different things for the knitting needles, but liked this one best.  I simply took a couple of toothpicks and some beads I had from another project.  I glued the beads on (with E6000) and then gave a nice coat of paint.  As I was painting them I realized I didn't know how I was going to dry them.  Toothpicks are a little tricky and I was not going to hold it the whole time lol!  Luckily for me I hadn't cleaned up lunch yet and so there were still saltines on the counter next to me.  I thought it was sort of brilliant! ;)
It actually did work perfectly.  After they were dry I clipped off the end and touched up the paint.  Then slip them where you think they look best into your ornament and you are done! 
I also made her some Christmas magnets just for fun.  I am sure we have all seen these a ton before.  Glass jewels with scrapbook paper glued on and then a strong magnet.  They may be unoriginal, but I still love them!

I think Kelly and I were meant to be friends, we had a lot in common and even sent our packages off on the same day without communicating it until afterwards.  One thing I do not have in common with her however is her talent!  The girl can crochet!  She made the cutest jewlery set.  I had never seen crocheted braclets before, but they are too cute.  It is so hard to pick a fav part.  The gorgeous, delicate rings and earrings, the bold braclets, or the adorable little jewlery case and bag.  Seriously, I had no idea you could crochet a ring box!  It is so stinkin cute!  Thank you so much Kelly!

If you haven't been to Craftaholics Anonymous yet you have to go check it out and watch her blog so that you can be part of the next gift exchange.  It really is great!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Can a girl have too much Bling?

Who doesn't love jewlery? I have always loved looking at it, but stuck to my basics; earrings, wedding ring, and maybe a small necklace. Nothing big or fancy. A friend of mine started selling Premier Jewlery. I am sure we have all been to a home sales party at some point. My sister hosted a party, and I wanted some goodies! I don't have a lot of extra, just like most of us right now, so I hosted my own show and ended up getting a lot of good stuff! I got several long necklaces which I have been wanting for a while. Score for me! Only problem was I didn't have anywhere to put them. They were so long that the just tangled together.

I sprayed a couple of quick coats of trusty spray paint on a board I found for 50 cents at DI (a thrift store I love) and had been saving for just the right project. Sanded it down, and wiped a thin coat of stain to age it a little. Then, thanks to Chloe (my trusty Silhouette) I cut the word "bling" out in vinyl and added it to the top. All I could find were gold cup hooks, I would've preferred silver. Thanks to my amazing Hubby for putting those on (they would've been a disaster if I had tried) and it was done. Doesn't get much more simple then that!

  Now I have a place to hang my pretty new bling without it being a mess!  Sorry about the bad picture, cell phone, dark closet is a bad combo!