Thursday, August 18, 2011

Genius media closet!

Ok, this isn't a craft I know but it is my home and I love it! When we bought our home 2yrs ago, we were desperatley searching and had looked at hundereds dozens of homes. We fell in love with this one, it was perfect for us and fit the price too. Then we started moving in. Yeah, the living room was tiny. I mean teeny tiny. We had no place for our entertainment center (which my hubs had when we got married and I hated anyway!) so we had to come up with a plan B. When we got our tax returns we got a nice, new flat screen tv and decided to mount it on the wall.

But what were we going to do with all the cords? This is where the genius comes in: we mounted it on the only wall that the rest of our dumb wonderful furniture would allow which was by a coat closet. My hubby cut a hole in the wall, pushed the cords thru, and mounted a power strip to the bottom of the top shelf.

Then we built a small shelf to set our accessories on. The dvd, dish reciever and wii fit great, the xbox went up above on the closet shelf (hubby wanted to keep little fingers far from his baby!)

We were going to build a shelf for movies, wii games and such, but in the interest of $ we used a clear plastic organizer we already had.

all of the annoying wii accessories are in a rubbermaid container that was also on hand, but I can't get the lid back on anyway, so I am still working on another option.
What do you think? I love it and even with our entertainment center before the cords and clutter drove me mad! Really, really crazy! Look at all those cords, now I don't have to see them!! I am so glad we don't have to look at any of it now!


Sidenote: Hubby just pointed out that he had to install an outlet in the bottom of the closet as well. Kind of important to know if you are going to try it!

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Exactly what I'm going to do! Glad it worked out for you!

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