Friday, November 18, 2011

Can a girl have too much Bling?

Who doesn't love jewlery? I have always loved looking at it, but stuck to my basics; earrings, wedding ring, and maybe a small necklace. Nothing big or fancy. A friend of mine started selling Premier Jewlery. I am sure we have all been to a home sales party at some point. My sister hosted a party, and I wanted some goodies! I don't have a lot of extra, just like most of us right now, so I hosted my own show and ended up getting a lot of good stuff! I got several long necklaces which I have been wanting for a while. Score for me! Only problem was I didn't have anywhere to put them. They were so long that the just tangled together.

I sprayed a couple of quick coats of trusty spray paint on a board I found for 50 cents at DI (a thrift store I love) and had been saving for just the right project. Sanded it down, and wiped a thin coat of stain to age it a little. Then, thanks to Chloe (my trusty Silhouette) I cut the word "bling" out in vinyl and added it to the top. All I could find were gold cup hooks, I would've preferred silver. Thanks to my amazing Hubby for putting those on (they would've been a disaster if I had tried) and it was done. Doesn't get much more simple then that!

  Now I have a place to hang my pretty new bling without it being a mess!  Sorry about the bad picture, cell phone, dark closet is a bad combo!

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