Friday, September 23, 2011

No more looking for a towel!

I get so tired of never being able to find a towel! Anyone with me on this one? I hang them on my oven door, and find them on the floor (which sicks me out bad) or else my neverending source of energy -otherwise known as a 3 year old- walks off with them. It never fails! I wanted to make some towels like the old crocheted ones my mom used to have that just buttoned right on. Well, I wanted them, but I can't crochet and they are a little outdated for my taste. You will never guess where I found an idea... oh, were you going to say Pinterest? Ok, maybe you will guess! ;)

So simple, yet so smart! I copied her pattern, and created my own towels. I changed a few things, I didn't put anything in between my layers of fabric, I was lazy in a hurry and thought I would give this a go first. Also, I have never sewn button holes before. I am sure they are super simple, but since I have three kiddos, I thought I had a better chance of getting the towels reattached if they were as easy as possible. I used velcro. I have the hardest time sewing straight lines! So don't look too closely, but they are done, functional and pretty cute so the uneven lines really don't bother me too much!
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